Meet Nature and Landscape Photographer, Ivy Carter

Landscape Nature photographer

Ivy Carter is a self taught Nature and Landscape Photographer that has spent the last six years saturating herself within the natural world photographing it. She considers herself to be “very fortunate” to reside near State Parks and river shores, as she’s able to witness the beauties of the natural world everyday if she chooses. Ms. Carter is no stranger to the natural world, as she was born and raised in the heart of the lowcountry in Beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina. Her love of nature was nourished there while growing up on Sea Islands. She recently published her first coffee table book in June of 2020 entitled - Nature and Sunrise From My Eyes: A MEMOIR OF PHOTOGRAPHS AND PROSE. The photographic memoir highlights the true beauty of the natural world from her eyes. She takes you on a journey not of far away lands, but of places that reside in our “Backyards”, our State Parks, Meadows, and Wetland Refuges to name a few. The creation of the book comes with a great intended effort to give a voice to non human lives, while assisting to bridge a gap between the natural world and ourselves. A hope to the reader is to be inspired to explore and appreciate the beauties of the natural world. If you would like to purchase a copy of her book, or any other items she has for sale, please visit her website: 

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